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Consume Me is a darkly humorous personal game about my relationship with food. The project started out as a collection of prototypes which drew from my past experiences with dieting and disordered eating. 

By making you feel obsessed with calories, forcing you to look at food strangely and mechanically, and fret over losing weight, Consume Me puts the player directly into the mind of the dieter. 

The game explore a three-way dynamic between the player, the character in the game and the fact that this character is based on me, the author. Fit, slap and control are just some of the ways the player experiences this dieting mindset, as expressed through mechanics. 

What does it mean to push and prod the character into certain eating behaviors when the player doesn’t get full control of the character’s thoughts and internal state? The player is put in the awkward position of performing as the character, but only in a limited sense.

Consume Me is about the cut-throat competitiveness of dieting where the opposing team is yourself.

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im not gonna say anything for certain but i think this might be dead
if someone else has more info please inform me of the info


Hello, just checking in to see if anyone knows how to download this game?

how do I play this?


how i can download???


Hi Jenny, I played this yesterday at a video game exhibition in Argentina. I just wanted to tell you that it was a really beautifully disturbing experience. As the game progressed, the restlessness and senso of failure increased. 

It's very well done.  I'm anxious for the game to come out to show my friends. 

Thank you very much for sharing your expirience with food and giving us the oportunity to understand it. 

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Looks great!


how can i play it?

I feel like this game would understand me.


Hi, I'd like to try and play this game. But where to download it? Thanks!

I played this for a bit at Computerspielemuseum and I'm d y i n g to play some more! Let me know if you're interested in someone testing it out. My boyfriend was also super interested!

Played this today at Day of the Devs in SF. AMAZING. Can't wait until the release on steam.

Genius designs all around, please release soon!! 


I played this at GDC and I loved it.  Really fun take on ordinary life.  Relatable and funny.


I saw this game today at GDC couldn't stop watching people play it. Such a fun game!


ahhhh, I can't wait until this is released! it looks so excellent. I love the art and the theme, and how it seems to incorporate elements from your games in the past. I'm really excited to see this when it comes out.